Free Skin Diseases Symptoms Checker

A large area of skin, with scattered small black spots

If you have a skin condition that you are worried about, you can fill out the form below, email us a picture of the affected area of the skin, and we will email you a list of possible diagnoses.

Specifically, we will search for images on the web that are visually similar to your image and we will email you a free report that includes links to those images as well as links to credible websites where you can find information about the potential skin disorders.

You can view skin images that other people have submitted.

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Please follow the instructions below. A report will be emailed to you within two weeks.

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After clicking the Email button, please attach a close-up picture of the affected area of the skin. If you think it may be useful, also take a picture of a larger area of the skin and include it in your email.

By clicking the Email button, you certify that the information you are submitting is correct and the images are YOUR images. In addition, you consent to the inclusion of your images in our online database.