Skin cancer image search - Help

Some of the images on our website can be compared within seconds to 100s of skin lesion images on the web that are tagged as skin cancer, melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, or squamous cell carcinoma. Simply click the button below the analysis, and then wait a few seconds for the software to analyze the image.

How the software works

First, the software analyzes similarities between the mole image and 100s of skin lesion images on the Internet that are tagged as "skin cancer," "melanoma," "basal cell carcinoma," or "squamous cell carcinoma."

The software then displays links to 30 skin lesions that are most similar to that mole in the sense that a person looking at two such lesions may say that they have similarities. Specifically the software looks for lesions that have similar shapes and that the colors inside the skin lesions vary in a similar manner. In the latter case, the color of two lesions may be quite different, but the way the colors change inside the lesions make them look similar.

Beside each link, the software displays a "similarity index" of "0" to "100," where 100 means an identical (or nearly identical) image. However, we advise you to look through the 30 links that the software provides as these are the lesions that are most similar to that mole image among the images in our database.

Currently there are 100s of images in the software's database from 15 skin cancer websites and databases. We are in the process of adding more skin cancer images, and our website will be updated as we improve the database over time.