Skin Mole Analysis

Customer's Comment: Hi, I ran across your skin mole analysis offer and was curious what you thought of my mole. It is approximately 5 millimeters, and located on my left side. I have had it for years I'm sure, as I have a lot of moles. What has concerned me, it is painful to touch, directly and around it (sore). I guess I have noticed this for the past 3-4 months. Also, I have had melanoma (12 years ago).

Thanks in advance, and looking forward to your reply.


Customer's Comment After Analysis: I appreciate your analysis, thanks! But...I must say the mole has changed since I sent the pic. Unfortunately. The mole you analyzed has grown and actually has a greenish appearance on it. I am literally covered in moles and they need to be looked at. I have a couple more that have popped up out of nowhere but this one is the weirdest. It is crusty and like I said a greenish hue (you cant see it real good in the picture!) but something is off with it.

Again, thanks for your time.


Skin Mole Analysis


If the mole has been going through some changes (thickness, color, size), or in the way it feels (sore, itchy), it needs to be examined by a physician.


Skin Cancer Pictures

The MoleSense software could not find any skin cancer image on the Web that had color variations similar to this mole.


ABCD Analysis

At least as far as the image shows, the ABCD features of the mole appear to be safe: It has a regular border, it is symmetric, the color is fairly even and the mole is not larger than 6mm.



Opticom Data Research uses an automated process to check for similarities between your skin mole and 100s of skin mole images on the Web that are tagged as "skin cancer" or "melanoma." Opticom Data Research is NOT responsible for the diagnosis of the Web moles (i.e. whether specific skin moles are indeed cancerous) nor does it claim that these similarities are medically significant. Use the mole analysis report for educational purposes only. It is NOT designed to replace a mole check by your doctor, regular self exams of moles in front of a mirror, or any other mole monitoring measures. The report should not be used for diagnosing skin cancer or any other medical problems.